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Connectouch ’07 Update #2 9 October, 2006

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I’ve gotten in touch with Tim Morgan, and it is confirmed that the doors WILL be open from Friday 6pm for people to arrive. You will be able to arrive until about midday Saturday.

I said before that under 15s where not allowed to go to the event. In a more recent topic, Tim has said that under 15s may come accompanied by an over 18-year-old, and exception might be made for those who want to come alone but you will need written permission from a parent or guardian. If you want to go with the latter, I suggest you contact Tim via PM on the forums: http://www.dscommunity.co.uk, and maybe give him a phone number along with your letter. I also suggest that if you are not known on DS Community, when you contact Tim you should do so in a mature and coheirent manner. He is almost certainly not going to let a 13-year-old saying “Yo LeT mE cUm 2 Da EvEnt!1!!” run around on their own. Just a word of friendly advice ;D

If I get anymore updates – i’ll let you guys know!


Some Updates 1 October, 2006

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Right, information on Conenctouch 2007 has been running alittle thin lately. But luckily, things have been cleared up over at DSCommunity.co.uk . I’ll fill you in on the updates…

Firstly, it’ll be running from Saturday the 24th of March 2007, to Sunday the 25th. Now, i’m not sure if this still means people can arrive from 6pm Friday, but i’m sure it does. I’ll be sure to contact Tim Morgan to clarify this.

The event is being held in Whitchurch in Hampshire. There are buses running through Whitchurch every 30 minutes from Basingstoke, Winchester, and Andover.There arealso train serives running through London and Exeter every hour.

Also, this event is not just for DS Community members. It is for almost everyone who wished to attend.  No under 15s are allowed into the event.

The event has an 8MB connection for thse who wish to bring along their laptop or DS. This is a free service.

There are multiple facilities on site, along with many fast-food outlets, pubs, and supermarkets within a 5 minute walking distance of the venue.

I’ll try to keep you updated, but if you are thinking of going to Connectouch ’07, you should sign up to DSCommunity.co.uk

Connectouch ’07 17 September, 2006

Posted by Pred in All Posts, Connectouch '07.
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It’s Europes first ever Mass Nintendo DS Gaming Event – and it’s right here in the UK.

Now – I havn’t been to many conventions in my life, if any. But this is definalty a good first gaming weekend for me. Love for Nintendo. Check. Nintendo DS. Double Check. Aquaintance with the creator. Check. Seems to be all there.

And you may’ve noticed, i’ve created a new Connectouch ’07 Catagory. Go here to find all the posts about Connectouch-realted news.