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eBay Rocks 29 November, 2006

Posted by Pred in All Posts, Gaming, General.

But why does it rock? Well i’ve been getting a few bargains on there. Well worth a check-out.

So, I first discovered eBay when my sister got into it. I convinced my Dad to sign-up, and the first thing I won was a PS2.

It was a Regular (Fat) PS2, with a controller, memory card, 5 games, demo, steering wheel and a gun – and all for £97, and that included p&p! It was a good deal, but the pay-pal payment took about a week to go through.

When it finally did go through, and it arrived, I opened the box to check if it was all there. It was, except for the memory card.

I set it all up and realised it was a bit faulty – it took about a minute for the console to read the disk, and it refused to play GTA 3 or Vice City. Damn.

So I messaged him and he told me to send it back to him, so he could send me a replacement and I did. At this point I was slightly afraid that this was a scam – because at that moment he had my money and I had little to show for it. This was topped off with him saying in one message “you’ll be surprised when you open the box.”

When the replacement PS2 arrived, I opened the box and wasn’t greeted by the usually blue ps2 box…but a yellow one. At this point I realised – He had sent me a Slimline!

So I ended up with a fairly-new Slimline PS2, plus loads of extras for under £100. Good times.

I also recently bought 2 ‘Stikfa’ figures – one for me and one for Matt, for his birthday. For the unenlightened, Stikfas are little posable figures, which come with accessories. I got the Ninja (Black) which came with a Sword, 2 Knives, 4 Throwing Stars, Another blade thing, and what looks like a hand-rake. It also came with interchangable eyes in the form of stickers, or ‘STIKas’ aswell as a STIKa Karate Belt, STIKa blood pathes, and so on. Of course, I had to get Matt a Pirate. Arr. That came with stuff like a Bottle of Rum, A parrot (not real.) and so forth. The point is, I got them for half the price off of eBay, but at the cost of waiting 6 days for delivery from Hong-Kong.



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