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Soldat 13 November, 2006

Posted by Pred in All Posts.

I’ve recently been getting back into a game called Soldat. I’vebeen playing on-and-off for about 3 years, and now i’m beginning to remember why i’ve quit every time.

Sure, Soldat is a fun game. But with every online-shooter it has a huge number of complete retards in it. I had just joined a game, and I took the low route on a map. I stopped, I got my LAW (Rocket Launcher) and made a sexy shot on him.
Note that he was actually camping, waiting for me. In a delicious play on his retarded camping, I shot him. Easy stuff.So what was his response? Not “Nice Shot” or “Lol”. No. It was simply “-_-“. And then a kick-vote was made against me. A kick-vote is when you can elect someone to get kicked from the server. You write a short reason and people vote yes or no.

What was Fat Noob’s reason for me to get kicked? “Perfect Aim”.

No moron. You were camping, and you made yourself and easy target. Blended with a bit of luck on my part – you were shot fair-and-square. I wasn’t hacking, i’m just better than you.

And I face things like this almost weekly. For example, I was totally owning the other team in one match. Of course, I was hacking, so I was kicked.

This would be such an enjoyable game if it wern’t for the mind-dead 12-year-olds who play it.



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