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We got us a forum! 30 October, 2006

Posted by Pred in All Posts.

No, your eyes do not deceive you – We have a Forum!

You can visit it by Clicking Here.
Or you could just click on ‘Connection Lost: The Forums’ on the Blogroll >>

Sign-up is easy and, of course, Free! So get on there and start posting!


TheBlogScoop.com 28 October, 2006

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Firstly, it’s not 100% finished yet.

With that in mind, i’ll be providing my writing ‘services’ to TheBlogScoop.com, as i’ll be doing an artical for thier weekly newsletter. The newsletter hasn’t gone out yet, so it’d be cool if you signed up to itand see me in action! Austin, owner of TheBlogScoop.com has asked me to do an artical about keeping my Blog up to date for this weeks newsletter. I’ll admit, there’s not alot I can say about it – I just force myself to updat daily. But i’m sure I can pad-it-out to a fair size. Hopefully my presence on the newsletter will encourage more people to visit us here, so fingers-crossed it’ll become popular, and go out to a plentitude of Blog-buffs.

Muse’s New Video 27 October, 2006

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Muse recently released their new video for the amazing ‘Knights of Cydonia.’ The video is wierd, and it’ll probably take a few watches to really understand it. For your view pleasure – here’s Muse!

Bully game receives critisism 27 October, 2006

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Rockstar’s latest game, originally entitled “Bully” has received vast amount of criticism. So much so that it has been renamed to “Canis Canem Edit” meaning “Dog Eat Dog.” The name, although miss-leading, does not accurately depict what happens in the game, and this has proved how Adults are quick to point the finger at games and their effects on teenagers.


We’re Rainyuki Recommended! 26 October, 2006

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I recently signed-up to Bloggerhub.com (now on the Blogroll) in a bid to boost the traffic of the blog. Rainyuki was offering to review peoples blogs, so I decided to show him mine. Here’s what he had to say:

“Substance is good. It is easy to read, with a casual tone.
May I suggest a better contrast between the background and entries? This is as the background seems a little bright. It could be adjusted by placing a background with a slightly darker tone.
Number of entries on a page is pretty alright, not cramped but just nice.
Images are just sufficient for each entry.

Reading substance: 9 / 10
Layout: 7 / 10
Images: 8 / 10
X-factor: 8 / 10
Variety: 8 / 10
Language: Simple and Casual.
Profanity: None to mild.
Audience factor: Teenagers to the adults

Overall rating: Recommended. You are good at what you are doing, keep it up. Apart from a few minor problems, lets say… you passed with flying colours.

Thank you for your submission.”

Needless-to-say i’m thrilled with this great review, and i’m proud to be Rainyuki Recommended! I’ve also added Rainyuki’s blog to the Blogroll.

Last FM added to Blogroll 25 October, 2006

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I’ve decided to add Last FM to the blogroll, since it’s a great website for meeting new people who are into the same music as you! All you do is download the Auto-Scrobbler – and it detects your media players (Winamp included!)

DrPred's Profile Page


Sony puts Lik-Sang.com out-of-business 24 October, 2006

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Lik-Sang.com  has been put out-of-business following multiple lawsuits against them by Sony. These include things such as the illegal selling of PSPs. The announcement was made today that the popular gaming-retailer was forced to close.

Lik-Sang is a popular online gaming retailer.


DS Community + Wii Community = WiiS Community 23 October, 2006

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Well, no, it doesn’t. But DS Community will soon be no more as it fuses with all the latest Wii-related news to bring you a brand new website!

Tim Morgan, creator of DS Community, assures us that this will not be the end of DSC and all it’s great features. The site will just recieve a new name, new look, and will be injected with…*ehem* Wii. Popular features of DSC will still remain, including the Friend Code Exchange, News, Downloads, and the ever growing Forum.

There are also a few new features expected for the new site, including a Video Library. This will probably include things like Game Trailers, and the Video Podcast of ConnecTouch ’07.

The Site is due to launch in about a week. – Stay Tuned!

Connection Lost Updates 23 October, 2006

Posted by Pred in All Posts, General.

I know I havn’t been posting as much as I should lately, but that doesn’t mean i’m not devoted to this blog! I am, I just have a really abverse way of showing it. But due to some bits of work at school, my re-discovering of OGame, some issues with some people, and general lazyness – the blog has received somewhat of a negection-spell over the past few weeks. I know those are really crap excuses, but news has been running a little thin lately, and I don’t just want to post just for the sake of posting.

But you are to expect a few things in the coming weeks. Firstly, i’m going to start reviewing games. I’ve reviewed a few before, but i’m going to go through my 12 games with a fine-tooth comb and give you an insight into what they are really like to play.

I’m also thinking of getting back into comic-making.  I dabbled in web-comics a about half a year ago, and i’m happy to say I very well may be re-kindling the flame, so to speak. But in terms of what to expect from the comic – I can’t give you much. I maybe re-think the whole idea. I may re-think the style of my drawing. Hell, I don’t even know how i’m going to make it yet. Adobe Illustrator? Draw-it-in-real-ife-and-then-scan-it-and-then-resize-it-and-then-colour-it? Or even…*gasp* MS Paint?!

I maybe even get back into game making. Some of my friends and myself started making a game, and with two of the 4 gone, me and one of my friends may get back into it. Who knows.
There are also a few more things in the pipeline, but since most of them probably won’t make it, i’ll just keep them under-wraps for now.

Connectouch ’07 Update #2 9 October, 2006

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I’ve gotten in touch with Tim Morgan, and it is confirmed that the doors WILL be open from Friday 6pm for people to arrive. You will be able to arrive until about midday Saturday.

I said before that under 15s where not allowed to go to the event. In a more recent topic, Tim has said that under 15s may come accompanied by an over 18-year-old, and exception might be made for those who want to come alone but you will need written permission from a parent or guardian. If you want to go with the latter, I suggest you contact Tim via PM on the forums: http://www.dscommunity.co.uk, and maybe give him a phone number along with your letter. I also suggest that if you are not known on DS Community, when you contact Tim you should do so in a mature and coheirent manner. He is almost certainly not going to let a 13-year-old saying “Yo LeT mE cUm 2 Da EvEnt!1!!” run around on their own. Just a word of friendly advice ;D

If I get anymore updates – i’ll let you guys know!