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Well – YouTube is officially ruined… 30 November, 2006

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because there’s a video of my friend Kyle singing a Queen song. See for yourself:


eBay Rocks 29 November, 2006

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But why does it rock? Well i’ve been getting a few bargains on there. Well worth a check-out.


I’m Back! 29 November, 2006

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Bah! I’m sorry I have to keep apologising for my inactive behaviour, but I just do.

Due to Coursework, Exams, Blah blah BLAH. We’ve heard it all before.

The Wii was released in America! And no-doubt i’ll be posting about what i’s like.

My friend is taking Woolworths to Court! I’ll cover that too.

I got a Slimline PS2 for Peanuts! Let’s talk about that now!

Regardè ^^^

Soldat 13 November, 2006

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I’ve recently been getting back into a game called Soldat. I’vebeen playing on-and-off for about 3 years, and now i’m beginning to remember why i’ve quit every time.

Sure, Soldat is a fun game. But with every online-shooter it has a huge number of complete retards in it. I had just joined a game, and I took the low route on a map. I stopped, I got my LAW (Rocket Launcher) and made a sexy shot on him.
Note that he was actually camping, waiting for me. In a delicious play on his retarded camping, I shot him. Easy stuff.So what was his response? Not “Nice Shot” or “Lol”. No. It was simply “-_-“. And then a kick-vote was made against me. A kick-vote is when you can elect someone to get kicked from the server. You write a short reason and people vote yes or no.

What was Fat Noob’s reason for me to get kicked? “Perfect Aim”.

No moron. You were camping, and you made yourself and easy target. Blended with a bit of luck on my part – you were shot fair-and-square. I wasn’t hacking, i’m just better than you.

And I face things like this almost weekly. For example, I was totally owning the other team in one match. Of course, I was hacking, so I was kicked.

This would be such an enjoyable game if it wern’t for the mind-dead 12-year-olds who play it.

Diablo III Confirmed? 9 November, 2006

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Richard A. Knaak, author of the new Diablo: Sin War Trilogy gave some huge hints at a Diablo 3 the other day. The author participated in a Q&A on IRC.

When asked “So… Diablo 3?”, Knaak replied simply, “I am not writing for a dead world … but a world with dead in. ’nuff said!”

Now I’m no psychic, but this sounds seriously like Blizzard will want to dish out another helping of the menacing world of Diablo. In reply to another question, Knaak said in his answer, “I know that Blizzard is very eager to make Diablo fans happy.”

Here’s hoping I’ll be a happy bunny some time soon! You can check out the whole interview here: BlizzPlanet

Matt joins the ranks 8 November, 2006

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You may or may not have noticed that i’ve been a tad inactive over the past week. I was looking toward getting someone else to help me post, so i’ve gotten Matt to help. This isn’t the end of me posting, instead the blog will get update more frequently (hopefully.)

Stay tuned.

Sorry 2 November, 2006

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Guys and Gals, i’m really sorry i’ve been inactive lately. But you should blame my school! A mountain of Coursework has been dumped on my lap, and i’m also getting into the routine of “Let’s do the homework now so it won’t be there for the weekend.”

But believe me, it’s best I get it out of the way, since I have three pieces due for Monday and i’m going to a BBQ on Sunday to eat burgers and light fireworks.

Aside from that i’ve got back into Soldat, which is addictive and gives me writers block.

But the good news about my inactiveness is that i’m also practicing my Adobe Illustrator skills, which means i’m preparing to start my web comic! But…remember PREPARING. PREPARINGGGGG… The finished result probably won’t be seen until the near future.

Aside from this, i’m sorry. Also – I can’t find any good news.

We got us a forum! 30 October, 2006

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No, your eyes do not deceive you – We have a Forum!

You can visit it by Clicking Here.
Or you could just click on ‘Connection Lost: The Forums’ on the Blogroll >>

Sign-up is easy and, of course, Free! So get on there and start posting!

TheBlogScoop.com 28 October, 2006

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Firstly, it’s not 100% finished yet.

With that in mind, i’ll be providing my writing ‘services’ to TheBlogScoop.com, as i’ll be doing an artical for thier weekly newsletter. The newsletter hasn’t gone out yet, so it’d be cool if you signed up to itand see me in action! Austin, owner of TheBlogScoop.com has asked me to do an artical about keeping my Blog up to date for this weeks newsletter. I’ll admit, there’s not alot I can say about it – I just force myself to updat daily. But i’m sure I can pad-it-out to a fair size. Hopefully my presence on the newsletter will encourage more people to visit us here, so fingers-crossed it’ll become popular, and go out to a plentitude of Blog-buffs.

Muse’s New Video 27 October, 2006

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Muse recently released their new video for the amazing ‘Knights of Cydonia.’ The video is wierd, and it’ll probably take a few watches to really understand it. For your view pleasure – here’s Muse!